Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Popular Google Chrome Extensions To Tweek Google+

Isn't it nice to have all popular Google Chrome Extensions at one place rather than searching them one by one... we had made a  collection of extensions used to tweek Google+ using Google Chrome.

Following is the list of Extensions for Google Chrome

+Everything: This extension adds a Google+ bar to all websites. It also lets you see the Google+ Notifications while surfing the www.  

Download & Install +Everything

+1 Button: Allows you to +1 any page with a single click and without seeing any annoying popup window. +1 Button Appears in the address bar after installing the extension
► Features
  ●  +1 the current page with only one click
  ●  Check if you already +1'd the current page
  ●  Check how many people +1'd the current page
Download & Install +1 Button 

Color Bar Changer: Changes color of Google Plus bar to green, pink or blue.  
Warning!: Unofficial, proceed with caution.
Download & Install
Comment Toggle: Hides comments from any post in the stream on Google+ and also make it 
available when you want them
Download & Install
Extended Share for Google+: As Google+ doesn't allows you to share your post on Facebook and Twitter,
this extension allows you to share your post on both the social networks.
Download & Install
G+lite: Google plus lite helps you to access google’s new social networking google plus in lite mode. 
Its really easy to use this lite version.
Download & Install 
Google CSS Tricks Chrome Extension: It pins the Google+ top bar to the top of the browser window as
you scroll down, Its a nice extension.
Download & Install
Google+ Plus Hide Images: Tired of the images posted on the stream, and the animated gif's which makes
heavy to load page on slow internet speed, then this extension is for you, it hides all images in stream in one go.
Download & Install
+Photo Zoom: Easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream.
Download & Install 
Surplus: Allows users to easily access their Google+ notifications and compose new posts from anywhere 
on the Web. So, this extension lets you read, comment and share without having to be on the Google+
Download & Install.

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