Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Check Facebook Profile Current Visitor

Most of people on Facebook wonder how to view there profile visitors, but there is not any app or Facebook feature to provide this information.

How To View Facebook Profile Current Visitor

Whoislive had come up with a great tool, which let you know who else is viewing the page on which you currently are. When you install this tool into your system, It adds a sidebar to your browser and you can see other people who are currently viewing that page, and moreover you can also chat with them.

The software is currently supported by Mozilla 3.6 + and IE 8+, and soon it will also be launched for the chrome users.

You also have to unveil your identity in order to view people visiting the current page. 


  1. its very useful to know who visited my profile on face book

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  3. I sent your articles links to all my contacts and they all adore it including me. Mark Curry

  4. Ohh yeeah, now I'm gonna know every single thing about my mates from research paper writing services reviews 8)
    Just for the record, can anyone hide from this app in some way?


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