Saturday, July 23, 2011

How To Make Customized Profile Photos For Google Plus With Photoshop

If you wonder how to make customized profile photos for Google+, this guide will help you to achieve your aim, Things you need to have for this tutorial:  Photoshop & This .PSD File (Photoshop Template)

First Download the sample photoshop template file. Open it, you will see a guy's face, thats just for sample like what you can do it, or how it gonna look like.
(Click on the image to enlarge)

You need to import your picture, which you want to be there, to do this first select the 'Colin' layer in the layers, goto File > Place > Select your file, Place it.

Now Delete the Colin layer (select the layer, right click > delete)

Now you have your picture in the back, and you can see how it will look like on Google+. If you need to adjust or re-size, press 'CTRL + T' to transform or re-size the picture. Be sure that when you do this, your image layer is selected.

When you are done with adjusting your image, and its ready to put it on Google+, you can export it by File > Save for web and devices. A new dialog box will open, select JPEG as type of image. and save it in the location you want to save.

make sure that you have selected All user slices in the drop down menu

Now you are done with all the above steps, we can upload them to Google+ Profile

How To Add Photos to Google+ Profile Page

Login to your Google+ Profile,
 go to your Profile Page
 Hit Edit Profile
Navigate to the folder where you saved your images, and select the image that appears furthest LEFT in the row first

 Repeat the process, selecting the images one by one from right to left until you have them all in a row and hit OK when you’re done.

Now your profile looks super cool, isn't it. If not tried yet, Do try it. and you can make other combinations also like with your or something else, its your creativity :D

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