Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Track Your Google Plus Profile Rank

Always wanted to know how much popular are you on Google+ between millions of users? Now you can calculate your Google+ Profile Rank.

SocialStatistics, This site provide the service where you can calculate your profile rank and know some other information about your profile.

How To Calculate Your Google+ Profile Rank?

# Open the website from here if you hadn't opened from the above link. Click Here (open in new tab)

Put your profile ID in the space provided, If you dont know where to get your profile id, then login into your Google+ Account, click on your profile picture, than look in the address bar, its a long series of number like this one 116010836063886273463
Hit 'Add Me' when you enter your profile ID.

On the next page, click on 'historical statistics' then it will show you your Google+ Profile Rank, and If you want to be updated with your profile rank, you can subscribe to them, they only send 1 email in a week.

These are the stats of my Google+ Profile.

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