Monday, July 25, 2011

How To Update Facebook Status From Google Plus

More and more people are making profile on Google+ so they always be looking for a trick for how to update Facebook status from Google+, so you don't need to do post it separately on Facebook every time you post on Google+.

Here is a trick by which your Facebook status will also be updated when you post something on Google+

# First login into your Facebook Account, Visit Facebook Mobile website

At left side down, you will see your unique facebook email id, copy it.

Now in Google+ Circles Tab, create a new circle, name it Facebook Update or whatever you want

Click on Add a new person, and paste the unique Facebook email id you copied. and create the circle.

Now when you post something in stream, share it with the circle you made and it will also be posted at Facebook, be sure that the check box is checked asking for 'Also email 1 person not using Google+'.

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