Saturday, July 2, 2011

Import Facebook Contacts To Google+ via Yahoo

Most of people must be waiting for the chance to use Google+ as a new social network, but finding all your friends from facebook and add them you Google+ would be a hectic. Though there is not a direct way to import your facebook contact to Google+, and i dont think so facebook will provide this feature :P, but still you can manage to import facebook contact to Google+, It can be done with the help of facebook connect, its a little lengthy process, but it actually works.

To start this process, log in to your yahoo account, link your facebook account in yahoo through facebook connect, then goto contact and import all your facebook friends, If you find it difficult, Check this simple guide for this step.

When done importing, log into your Google+ account and from Find and Invite page you can import all your yahoo contacts including facebook contact... its not a direct method, but doing this much is worthy at least :)

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