Monday, July 4, 2011

The Social War - Facebook vs Google+

In today's world of WWW, where social network has become a big thing, people are so addicted to social networking sites, and where Facebook is ruling above all, but now what? Google+ has been launched, Google+ is the biggest competitor of Facebook, though currently Google+ is in its test phaze, but it has enough potential to hit the web and become the king of all social networks, and it would be a big blow to Facebook.

Google+ is a well advanced version of Facebook, which people would obviously like to use, Google had called it as a "Real Life Sharing" network, as it is in its testing phaze, most of people are just waiting to have a first look of Google+. Even its testing phaze has fired enough alarm in the Facebook factory, resulting Mr. Mark Zuckerberg announced a surprise for Facebook users in this week.

This social war is going to be on fire as soon Google+ is open for all.

Will all people migrate to Google+ to enjoy advanced features leaving Facebook dead or Facebook will rule in future also, please share your views in comments.

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