Saturday, August 6, 2011

5 Tips & Ticks To Increase Your Followers In Google Plus

Its been 1 month that Google+ had launched, and its user's are increasing at an increasing rate. Google+ has already crossed 25 Million users in only its testing phase. Google+ is a advanced combination of Facebook & Twitter, with advanced features. In this early stage people are willing to get good number of Followers for them, so, We had made a very simple guide to increase your number of followers in Google+.

1. Find People Suggested By Google+ : A nice way to increase your followers are to find people which are suggested by Google+, Go to Circles tab, see the friends suggestions provided by Google+, that suggestions are the people which you may know or have some interest as you or something as per Google+ system. Adding them to your circle gives maximum chance that they will also Circle you and your number of followers will increase.

2. Always Sound Interesting: Be active in your profile and keep posting interesting stuff and post comments on people's status, but make sure it should sound interesting, because people don't like boring people. Posting interesting stuff will make people to share it and you will get followers.

3. Invite Your Friends And Other People To Google+ : Never lose a chance to invite people to Google+, it doesn't matter if they are your friends or not, Invite them if you get any opportunity, in early phase it is really going to help to increase your followers. When you invite anyone, he will surely follow you. Other social networks is a great help to find people seeking for invitation for Google+.

4. Follow Back Your Followers: This is very important reason if you are loosing your followers, If you will not follow your followers, they will kick you out from there Circle sooner or later. As you want people should follow you, others are also seeking same kind of response from you also, if you will not do this, you will start loosing your followers in a long run.

5. Add Google+ Profile Widget In Your Website Or Blog: If you own a website or a blog, place a Google+ widget which will help you to get followers from website/blog. Website or Blog with good number of traffic will surely help you to get good amount of followers.

What you should not do:

If you have good number of followers, so don't spam heavily otherwise people will get irritated and will kick you out of there circles.

Start Increasing Your Followers Right Here & Right Now:

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  1. yes this is very true..

    follow me and i follow back :)

  2. I will follow you back ! :D

  3. I don't agree with "If you will not follow your followers, they will kick you out from there Circle sooner or later." If you write about, say, fashion and I write about travel, you may be interested in travel, but I may have no interest in fashion.


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