Monday, August 8, 2011

Prioritize And Arrange Your Google Plus Circles

Google+ has updated the feature of Circles, had introduced new features by which you can arranger and prioritize your circle. If you have a healthy amount of Circles, and while sharing with frequent circle comes down in the list, it will get painful to share things with right people every time. To over come this problem, Google+ has added a feature to prioritize your Circles.

If you don't know the use of Circles in Google+, i will explain this in brief.

Circles in Google+ are to share right thing with right people. Many time you face a situation where you want something to share with limited number of people, like only with your family, brothers, friends, colleague or even with a single person. So you can make a set of those particular persons and share things very easily. To know more about Read Here

How To Prioritize/Arrange Your Circles

# To arrange circles in a specific order, go to Circles tab
# Just drag and drop the circles in the order you want and they will appear in the same order when posting in Stream.

This will make your sharing experience more better and easy.

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