Friday, September 23, 2011

Enable Facebook Timeline In Your Profile Easily

Yesterday in F8 developers conference, Mark Zuckerburg unveiled its new features in Facebook. Features include Timeline which they all as The Story Of Your Life. More social Apps, Music Integration, and lots more.

The new features of Facebook are available to the developers only but soon it will be available for all, so if you want to get the feel of the new looks, follow these easy steps and you can see what all has been done.

How To Enable Timeline In Facebook

Things you need to Enable Timeline In Facebook
1. A Verified Facebook Profile (You can do it by your Mobile or Credit Card)

Well, thats it :)

# Log-in into your Facebook Account, and go to developers page. You can find the "Developer" link at the bottom of the page or search it.

# You will reach this screen

Click on the App at the Top

# Then click on +Create New App,

This will Pop-up this screen

In the first field, enter you App Name & in App Namespace enter some unique name (make sure not to use any special character or space between letters and minimum 7 letters). Check I Agree & Continue.

# On the next screen, look at the Left Side Bar, click Open Graph.

On that page you will see Get Started With Open Graph, under that box, you will find

Enter in the fields of People can ____ a ____ . Just enter anything and click on Get Started.  If it shows some error, put some other combinations like read a book or watch a movie...

# Than wait for two minutes, open a new tab in your browser and open, you will get a invitation to use New Facebook Profile, Accept it, and you are there... in your timeline :)

Everytime to go on Timeline, Click on Your Name button on the topbar, which goes to your profile. You will see Timeline profile of those people who have enabled it, for others you will see the recent profile only.

You gonna find it very interesting, do share your first experience with us.



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