Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Free T-Shirts From Facebook [SCAM]

Facebook is Hit by another scam, saying to give Free Facebook T-Shirts. It is spreading very fast on Facebook.
The scam post a message on the users status something like this --> "♥ Haha :D Atlast Got a T-shirt from facebook its pretty cool :P . ♥ Get yours from here : Blocked_URL".

The message is posted by e-mail on users status, which means that the infected script hacks your secret facebook email id. It is not suggested to you to click on the url if you found this status on your friends profile.

See the above graphic for an instance of the scam. if you visit the website (which we suggest not to do), it will ask you to go through some steps to get Free Facebook T-Shirt. Following is the website spreading malicious script.

I hope facebook will block this as soon as possible.


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