Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google Plus Top Up Services

As Google plus Graph is going up, Google + team is working on to integrate all Google products with Plus to increase user interaction and improve users’ experience. Picasa and Blogger were already on the list as reported by many social media news magazines. Now the news is about Google Reader, Docs and Calendar.

Google Reader – Google Reader will be getting + integration with the help of +1 buttons on each article and ability to share directly from reader. Currently there is a shared reader list and you can follow people to see their shared posts but soon this feature will find its way through Plus. It is a very nice addition.

Google Docs – Users will be able to share docs with their selected circles and collaborate on projects with their Google Plus friends. Google Docs already has feature of sharing docs via email but with this update, it will be a lot easier for users to share and collaborate. File sharing will also be made easier with this update.
Google Calendar – Any Guess? Like all other features, it will also find the best integration possible. You can arrange events with your Plus friends and invite selected friends/circles for a meeting/party. There will also be shared calendars that your selected circles can modify.

Google Talk – This feature is already integrated but currently it has some drawbacks, in the coming update, this feature will get a better integration to fit properly in the Plus interface.


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