Thursday, September 22, 2011

Searching Google Plus Updates

How To Search Google Plus User Updates

It’s weird that Google (a search engine in the first place) has created its own social network without giving users the ability to search for other users’ real-time updates. There’s an option to search for users – which works much like Facebook’s people search – start typing and people will be suggested instantly. It works primarily by matching words you are typing with users’ names and emails. But how about searching for what people are talking about on Google Plus?

Use Google Advanced Operator

While there’s no better and straightforward way to restrict Google search results to only updates posted on Google Plus, there is a combination of advanced operators to make it work:
  • – to limit search results to the Google Plus subdomain
  • inurl:posts/* – to limit search results to users’ updates (and to prevent it from searching for user bios, usernames, etc).


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