Sunday, September 4, 2011

Share +1'd Webpage Or Article With Specific Circle's Stream In Google Plus

Google+ Recently added one more feature to its +1 button, Now you can share any webpage or article with your selected circle.

Previously when you +1 any webpage or article, it was publicly +1 and was posted on your profile page, but now when you +1 any webpage or article, you can also share it with choice of your Circles.

Here it is how it works

When you hit the +1 button anywhere on web, keep your mouse over the 1+ button will show you something like this
Google Plus +1 Button

Enter the Circle name in the space given, and you will be able to share it will your Circle, The people will see that page in their stream. In addition this pop will also show you how it will look when it will be posted on their stream.

+1 button is already spreading like virus and this feature will boost its efficiency.


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