Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Choose Friends And Circles To Display On Profile In Google+

If you are thinking that you can customized the friends to display on your profile, you can do it easily in Google+. By this you can get rid of the embarrassment of displaying people whom you don't want to be on your profile page. You can also set to whom it will displayed, following is a small and easy guide helping you achieve the same.

# Sign-in into your Google+ Account.

# Click on Profile tab,
And click on the Edit Profile button in front of your name.

# It will show up editing options of your profile. Click on the friends which are been show on your profile, see in the below graphic.

When you click on it, it will show up an little pop-up over this area, like below image.

# Now you can edit which circle friends to show on your profile. and other useful things also as well.

# When you are done, click on Save, and hit on Finish Editing at the top, and the changes will reflect on your profile.

Note: If you want some specific people on your profile page, make a Circle with that friends, and use that circle to show on your profile.


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