Sunday, December 18, 2011

Google Schemer - Free Invites Giveaway (First Come, First Serve)

After inviting lots of people for Google+, i am back with some more invites, This time its for Google Schemer. A brand new Google service. This time the invites are limited, so its on first come, first serve basis.


Firstly, If you don't know what is Google Schemer all about, than keep on reading this paragraph, else skip to How to get invited. Google Schemer is about making your Schemes, share with your friends, learning what your friends are up to and what are they planning and discovering all new stuff. Here is a small video for introduction to Schemer in Google style.

Now you must be interested in checking out Schemer by yourself. Following are few steps to get invited.

How To Get Invited For Google Schemer

# Step 1 - Like us on our Facebook Fan Page.

# Step 2 - Hit the +1 button in the side bar.

# Step 3 Post your email id in the Facebook Comment box below, you will receive your invitation.

Enjoy making schemes


  1. Met the conditions:

    +1ed it.
    Liked the page on Facebook!

    Can you share an invite?


    Thanks in advance!


  3. Could you provide me with an invitation ?

    did as instructed :)

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  6. vaporzers[at]
    (replace [at] with @, hoping it will help avoid having address collected by spammers)

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