Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Extensions To Get Old Facebook Back

Many of facebook users are annoyed because of frequently changing in design and functionality, the most recent major change made by facebook was to introduce timeline, ticker and few others stuff, some of it was good, and some of it was irritating.

Here are few extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox to get rid of few features which may be annoying you.

1. Hide Facebook News Ticker
This is a Google Chrome extension, after installing it you will not see the news ticker anymore. For most of the users ticker is the most annoying thing, this extension will help you get rid of it.
Install [Chrome Extension]
Install [Firefox Extension]

2. Kill Facebook Questions
Questions and Poll are new feature added to the pages, by which you can get the feedback, taste or anything else with a question or creating a poll, if you dont care about it and want to remove it, this is the extension for you.
Install [Chrome Extension]
Install [Firefox Extension]

3. View Photos In Old Style
Facebook photos is also another section which keeps on changing frequently. People are still habitual of using the old style facebook photos. If you are missing the old photos, Chrome users can install this extension and enjoy there style.
Install [Chrome Extension]

Note: This is a temporary solution to your needs as we can't stop the progress of the social network, with the changing design and functionality these extensions can also become useless with time.


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