Friday, February 24, 2012

Create Your Own GIF Animated Images With iPhone or Android Smartphone

Ever wanted to make your own custom GIF animated images? That too for free? What can be best. Here is an application for iPhone and Android smartphones, with its help you can make animated GIF images and share it with friends and make them laugh.

Download the App from the following links
iPhone Users: Download
Android Users: Download

Download and Install GIFBOOM and you are ready to roll.

GIFBOOM for Android and iPhone

# Open the App it will show you some other users images, you can see them if you want to see the kind of output the app is going to give you. Click on the camera icon, and click some photos (the app clicks continues images and you can make animation with 20 images).

# When you are done with clicking images, click on the Check icon on top right side of screen and you will see your images clicked, select the images you want to go forward with.

# After selecting photos, tap on the next button which is again and the top right corner of the screen.

# Now you will see the animated gif, change its dimension or its order as per your need.

# Click on next button and your Animated GIF is ready to share with friends on Facebook or Twitter or you can save it in your gallery.

There are some other options to play with like the speed of the animation ro you want to pick images from your phone gallery. Play around with the app, i hope you will like it.

Do share your comments.

Note: The above steps are as per Android Smartphone, it may vary in iPhone.


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