Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Export Facebook Albums / Photos to Google+

Made a new profile on Google Plus than you obviously want your facebook photos to be in Google+ also. Its kind of tough job if you manually save your photos from facebook and upload them again on Google+. Here is a simple tutorial now to do it in a easy way.

Firstly, we will save our photos from Facebook in one shot.

# Login to your facebook and go to your Account Settings

# On Account Settings page, click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.

# Now click on Start My Archive, it will open a pop-up box, and in the box, click on Start My Archive button. Now Facebook will create an archive of your data and mail you the link to download when archive will be ready.

# When you receive email, download your archive to your computer

Now we will add the photos to Google+

# Login to your Google+ account, go to Profile > Photos and select multiple photos to upload in one time, and create your album, and select your circle to share with.

Your transfer will be completed easily


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