Friday, March 2, 2012

How To Add Animated Photos To Google+ Profile

Previously, we had written an article on how to customize your profile photos and how we are here to make it more interactive. Now you can add animated gif to your profile photos. Follow this simple tutorial to get your profile animated.

If you are not clear enough, here is an example what we are going to do.

Now it must be very much clear to you what we are going to do.

 How To Add Animated Photos To Google Plus Profile

# Collect 10 pictures which you want to show on your profile animating (We can show 5 images at a time, so each animating image will have 2 images).

# Re-size your images to 150x150, it is the best fit for profile photos. Make sure you re-size your image or else it won't animate when you upload it on Google+. To re-size your images, use photoshop or if you dont have photoshop, use fotoflexer online service, its free.

# Save your image when you are done re-sizing. Do the same thing on all of the pictures.

# Now its time to make our animated GIF images. For this we will use Picasion online service, which is again free, to make animated gif images.

# Upload your select your images and make settings as like in the below image

# You can play around with the Speed option but make sure your Size is 150.

# Now click on Create Animation button and your your animated gif will be created

# Save the animation to your computer and do the same for rest of your images. When you are ready with all of the animated GIF, head to your Google+ Profile by clicking on your photo in Google+ and click Edit Profile button on top right of your profile.

# Now click on Add Some Photos Here, a pop-up box will open and click on Add Photos. Select the GIF images you created, and click OK.

# Now click on Finish Editing button on your profile. You are done adding animated gif images.

# You will not see the Animating GIF straight away, you have to view your profile as Public

Now you will see your profile with animated profile photos. Create for yourself and don't forget to share with us.



  1. Great info. Could you expand this a bit and explain what to do with the GIF.

    # Add your animated GIF when you created and save your profile and Finish Editing.

  2. @Above As per your request, i had updated the article.


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