Sunday, March 25, 2012

Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook

Crazy moving mouse all over window in Facebook? Facebook offer some decent keyboard shortcuts, which will add ease to your Facebook life. Keyboard shortcuts are not standard in all browser, so if you keep shuffling your browser, or use different browser for Facebook at work and home, you may find it difficult.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook in Google Chrome & Internet Explorer with Windows OS

# To open New Message window - Alt+M

# Facebook Search - Alt+/

# Home (News Feeds) - Alt+1

# Profile Page - Alt+2

# Friend Request - Alt+3

# Messages - Alt+4

# Notifications - Alt+5

# Account Settings - Alt+6

# Privacy Settings - Alt+7

# Facebook Fan Page - Alt+8

# Facebook Statements & Rights Agreement - Alt+9

# Facebook Help Centre - Alt+0

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook in Mozilla Firefox with Windows OS

Shortcuts are same as above, just add SHIFT key to it, for example, to open notifications use Alt+Shift+5

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook in Mozilla Firefox with Mac OSX

# To open New Message window - Function+Ctrl+M

# Facebook Search - Function+Ctrl+/

# Home (News Feeds) - Function+Ctrl+1

# Profile Page - Function+Ctrl+2

# Friend Request - Function+Ctrl+3

# Messages - Function+Ctrl+4

# Notifications - Function+Ctrl+5

# Account Settings - Function+Ctrl+6

# Privacy Settings - Function+Ctrl+7

# Facebook Fan Page - Function+Ctrl+8

# Facebook Statements & Rights Agreement - Function+Ctrl+9

# Facebook Help Centre - Function+Ctrl+0

Keyboard Shortcut for Facebook for Other Browsers in Mac OSX

Use Option key instead of Function key to use the shortcuts. For example to see Notifications press Option+Ctrl+5.

I hope these shortcuts will make your life easier to use facebook. These will be really helpful on laptop.

Note: The shortcuts will not work with num pad.


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