Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make Your Facebook Status More Interesting

Grab more attention of your friends and public to your status when ever you update it, we had brought some cool tips and tricks for you, like adding a dislike button to your status or scheduling your status update. which you can use while updating your status.

How To Add Dislike Button To Your Facebook Status Update

You got like button on everything over facebook, but sometimes we also need to know how many people actually dislike it. With the help of Status Magic, you can add a dislike button to your facebook status. By customizing this application settings, you can even get custom text for dislike button, for example, 'hate', 'LoL' or whatever you want it to be.

How To Schedule Your Facebook Status Update

With LaterBro, you can schedule your facebook status update, simply login with facebook, type your status, and select time zone, you are good to go. The same can be used for twitter tweets.


How To Tag Someone In Facebook Status

You must be knowing, if you want to tag someone, you can type "@" and continue typing the name of your friend. You can also tag Pages in your status in the same way.


Trick Your Friends With "Worst Profile Ever"

This is a funny trick to play with your friends, simply post this on your profile and have fun "Worst profile ever". It will open the profile of the person who will click on it.


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