Thursday, April 12, 2012

New UI Design of Google Plus (First Look)

As it was expected, but not so early, Google+ has changed its User Interface. The new design looks great, clean and like a social network now. It has been a major change to the design of Google+, which i am sure will attract more users to itself.

New Design of Google+

So lets start with the most awesome feature of Google+,

As you know, You can do face to face change with upto 9 people at same time, you can accept others invitations to Hangout, and can also do private one on one hangout. The Hangout button is shifted to top right in browser window, just under your picture. And under the Hangouts button is your Chat window, which is also updated, looks cool.

Friend Suggestions

Friend Suggestion block is shifted to the right side of your Stream area. When you put your mouse over the suggested people, it show up there picture with Cover picture.

Join The Conversation

Every post in your stream has a +1, Re-share and Hangout button. The comments area is also improved, and you can quickly get connected in any conversation.

Share Stuff With Friends

Share your pictures, videos, websites or anything easily and quick edit your profile just by clicking on your photo.

These was the stuff already on Google+ but now its with different User Interface.
Nor for the new stuff added. Like Facebook, Google+ also has a Cover photo to show off yourself. It is not as much big as the facebook one, but still, its good enough. And if you don't want to put cover photo, you can revert it to the old design photo blocks.

Your navigation button are on the left side, and the cool thing is that you can re-arrange there order, simply drag and drop the icon where you want it to be on that vertical bar, if you don't want any of that icon to be on the bar, just drag it outside the bar and drop it, it will be gone.

The Weird Thing

All all these awesome updates, there is also one weird thing, when you scroll down a little, you have have a big part empty at the right side of your stream. I am not sure if it will be empty forever, Google+ may fill that space with something awesome from their magic bag.

I hope you have liked the new design of the giant social network, let us know your thoughts over the same in comments.



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