Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Be First To Like Your Friends Status Update on Facebook

There is always someone special, who's status we don't want to miss to like, and moreover, we want to be the first to like that status. It is also not possible to be 24x7 online and active on Facebook. A new website had introduced this thing now. LikeBoost.Info, This website helps you to like your loved friends status all the time and every time they update. Let see how to make it work.

Visit LikeBoost.Info and you have to Login With Facebook to use there service. So Login and allow the Facebook application. Then enter your friends profile id in the textbox on the page and click submit. Now every time your that friend update status, you will be the first to like his status update.

Example of Facebook Profile ID:

The part in Bold is Profile ID

You can also easily remove your friends from the website. Click on Remove Friends on top, and click on Show My Added Friends. It will show you your added friends, Select your friends and remove them one by one.

Be the first to like your loved one's status and impress them.



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