Facebook Premium Fan Pages

Here are some great Facebook Fan Pages which you should must LIKE

1. As BerkshireInsurance.com started its operation in India in this year (2011), Here is the Offical FanPage of the company. For more information about the company visit BerkshireInsurance.com

2. The Fan Page of this Blog, to be updated with all Tips & Tricks of Google+

3. This one dedicated to the designer fellows

4. If you are always hungry then this one is for you

5. If you like sad love quotes

6. For the Lovers like me :)

7. Love to watch funny videos? Like this one

8. If you want to know who visited your profile (Its just a Fan Page, Facebook doesn't provide any facility to know about visited people, so Like this Fan Page and let Facebook know that you want this feature)

Thats It, I Hope you LIKE above Fan Pages
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